Personalized Discounts Shopify App

Vrajesh Bhavsar

May 09, 2019


Push Button Discounts Personalization Now Available to Shopify Merchants

As the Shopify e-commerce platform has seen incredible growth, they have created a thriving marketplace for the merchants to leverage the latest innovations available through the Shopify App Store.

Today, we are very excited to share the availability of push button personalization of discounts, available to all Shopify Merchants. Head over to the Shopify App Store and install the Personalized Discounts app for your Shopify Store.

First Artificial Intelligence-Powered Discount Optimizer Personalized Discounts app is the first app powered by an optimizing AI engine that understands your customers’ preferences when they transact. There are many discount apps out there, but they cannot match the capabilities of, a proven platform for optimizing e-commerce KPIs including discounts.

Personalizing prices & offers is a hard problem to solve; we have previously written a detailed blog post on this subject. However, as a Shopify merchant, you don’t have to worry about these intricate details. Just follow the setup instructions below and let AI do the rest for you!


It takes four clicks to install the Personalized Discounts app. Your Shopify discounts are fully integrated into the app, simply select the ones you allow the app to offer.

You will receive performance reports by automated daily email. The report shows you how much more order revenue, net of discounts, the app has generated per visit, vs. control group that received no discount.

Installing the app automatically creates a free account, with advanced analytics dashboard you can review on demand if you choose to.

Continuous Learning Over Time

Depending on volume traffic on your Shopify store, it can take up to two weeks for significant impact on your conversion rates and revenue. Our AI platform needs to learn enough about your customers before it can be impactful. requires observing at least 1,000 visits to your store per day (or 30,000 per month). If your store does not have 1,000 visits per day, the Personalized Discounts app will not be useful to you.

The app is designed to help Shopify stores automatically apply discounts based on dynamic user behavior. There are a lot of signals and noise that combine to form the customer behavior in online stores. This is also highlighted in Shopify’s blog:

  1. 66% of customers prefer mobile but desktop sales are still important
  2. Channel conversion varies a lot across Email, Direct, Search, and Social
  3. Customer visits spread across many days and peak at different hours

Optimizing your store to account for such variances and identifying the micro-segments of users are very hard problems, even for machines. But we’ve done that hard work so you can reap the benefits to your bottom line! The Personalized Discounts app enables you to maximize revenue by automatically offering the right discounts to your end customers.

The Personalized Discounts app enhances the Shopify discount feature. Rather than statically applying a fixed discount, the discount is a function of the user’s behavior. You control the discounts offered and the app provides them to shoppers who are more likely to buy with a discount - and will not offer them to shoppers who are likely to buy without the discount.

We have made it extremely easy to integrate the Personalized Discounts app into your Shopify store. While our machine learning platform does a lot of heavy lifting, you are always in control of what discounts you want to provide depending on your business requirements. With a risk-free trial, you will be able to see how starts identifying the various segments in your audience to serve them with the right offers.

We have made a short demo video to walk you through the process and hope it will help you get started:

We can’t wait to hear from Shopify merchants like you about your success and the impact of optimized discounts on your sales. If you’re interested in more details or want to see a demo of all the capabilities our platform has to offer, please get in touch! You can always reach us directly or follow us on Twitter/LinkedIn.