February Blog posts we “Love”

Saumil Pandey

Feb 11, 2019


February is the month of Valentine’s Day and we thought we’d share blog posts that we absolutely “loved” reading this month. So here is our round-up:

Who doesn’t love getting tips on growth strategies? Here is your monthly dose for Direct-to-Consumer growth secrets

We Analyzed 12 Of The Biggest Direct-to-Consumer Success Stories To Figure Out The Secrets To Their Growth — Here’s What We Learned

Love is personal so if you want the customer to love your brand you should personalize. In this blog post, learn how Amazon, Netflix, Cadbury, and others have taken personalization to the next level

Brands Taking Personalized Marketing To The Next Level

Why do so many product managers learn the fundamentals of UX design? In this post, Lisa Jewell interviewed three product managers at the top of their game to get their views. This blog features product people from Atlassian, Rockall Tech, and AIB

Why Product Managers Need to Know UX

Marketers need to measure the impact of touchpoints on the customer. This post will help you prioritize what to measure, when to measure and how to measure in order to determine whether your resources are being used optimally and what your ROI is.

5 Customer Experience Metrics You Can Use Immediately to Prove ROI

Are you curious to try AI-enabled optimization but not sure how to integrate it with your A/B testing projects? Learn how in this post: :How to integrate Amp.ai with an existing A/B testing system

Part of a Growth team looking for more return on your experiments? Listen to this on-demand webinar to learn how other companies are leveraging Machine Learning to get 8X - 10X improvement in conversion rate over A/B testing with Amp.ai.

Learn more in this Webinar Convert Smarter, Not Harder