Growth in the news - April 2019

Christina Ellwood

Mar 01, 2019


Growth in the News - April 2019

Each month we compile a list of popular growth articles for your convenience. This month, we included a few articles that we thought were underrated. Enjoy!

Reviving Retail with AI: 5 Benefits of Adopting AI in Retail Operations
Takes a look at how AI is transforming retail and customer products.

Use Data to Create Personalized Content Customers Actually Want

...Without the right data, personalization engines cause more challenges.

Artificial Intelligence: The Holy Grail of Digital Marketing

Walks through the value AI brings to digital marketing, detailing different examples in specific branches of digital marketing (content, digital advertising, search, etc).

Game of Thrones by the Numbers

A look at the popular TV show's performance from a data standpoint.

What is a Digital Experience Platform? CMS vs WEM vs DXP
A detailed look at what a digital experience platform is, how they came to be, and why we need them.

Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientists Biggest Challenge: Deploying Models at Scale
The main problem is that not all enterprises are experts at deploying models, nor do these organizations make a concerted effort to focus on machine learning."