Growth in the news - March 2019

Christina Ellwood

Mar 11, 2019


Growth in the News - March 2019

Each month we compile a list of popular growth articles for your convenience. This month, we included a few articles that we thought were underrated. Enjoy!


How to Become a Customer Acquisition Expert
Contains resources and insights for becoming a better digital marketer/growth professional, both from a high level and down into specific channels of digital marketing.

7 Principles to Mastering Growth Marketing

Becoming an elite growth marketer has nothing to do with the specific hammer in your toolkit and everything to do with mastering the emerging skills, frameworks, and thought processes that enable you to solve new problems, repeatedly."

Marketing and CX Enter the Age of Machine Learning, but Are Businesses Ready?

Leading marketers are using the likes of machine learning and other emerging technologies to deliver assistive customer experiences that converts intent and expectations to value-added engagement at every step of their purchase journey.

Is Growth Hacking Still Relevant?
Though the term "Growth Hacking" has fallen further out of use, the strategy itself remains the most efficient for business growth and smart marketers continue to implement it.

Are Your A/B Tests Just Junk Science?
Explains 6 reasons why many marketers feel that most of their "successful" A/B tests don't actually improve high-level business metrics.

55 A/B Testing Best Practices Every Marketer Should Know
The truth is most people get A/B testing wrong." Contains a checklist of best practices for A/B testing, focusing on website testing.

Advanced A/B Testing Tactics You Should Know
Discusses the value of segmentation and testing more than one conversion goal during A/B tests.