How to Implement Autonomous Optimization Projects Using

Olcan Sercinoglu

Sep 10, 2018


In a previous post we looked at how to design effective Autonomous Optimization (AO) projects. In this post, we describe how to implement our AO projects using

Create Project

We start by logging into a new account, where we get a video introduction to the service. bot has already created our first project for us and is ready to walk us through the remaining steps using the red dot.


Integrate Application with

Next, we choose our type of application and follow the instructions to connect our application to our project. For web (Javascript) integrations, we simply drop an HTML tag into the head section of our web pages.


We need to work on our integration until the received sessions reflect our design in terms of the outcome events for our metrics, decision events for our variants, and context events for our segments. We illustrate this below for our Hello World example web app.

ao-impl-integrate-check.png#asset:702 provides several features to help ensure correct implementation, such as Recent Sessions, Sample Sessions, Session Summary, and Events Summary.


Start Autonomous Optimization

Finally, we define our metrics, approve our decision points, and allocate a percentage of our sessions to be autonomously optimized (or amped).


In future posts we will dig deep into specific use cases across the customer funnel and software stack.