Offers the First AI-powered Shopify Discount Optimizer App

The artificial intelligence engine is the power behind the new Shopify Personalized Discounts App. When installed in a Shopify store, the app automatically selects the personalized discounts for different customer segments such that the best offer is made to each audience.

Optimized & Personalized Offers

Customers engage with online stores in many ways. They come from differnet devices, convert from multiple channels, and their requirements change over time. This app discovers these different customer segments automatically and learns what discounts to offer to which customers to optimize conversion rates.

Just "set and forget" - the app will automatically and continuously improve your conversion metrics, even as your customer segments evolve.

Drive Up Revenue and Conversion Rates

The Personalized Discounts app uses the Shopify Discounts feature, but instead of the store owner manually applying an identical discount for all customers, the Personalized Discounts app dynamically selects a discount from the list of approved discounts set up by the store owner. The app decides which discount to offer based on user segments it learns, in order to maximize your revenue net of discount. The more traffic to the store, the faster learns. Typically, revenues will increase as discounts will be optimized after 1 - 4 weeks.

The app is integrated with Shopify APIs so that the existing store style and banners can continue working as they are today.

The reinforcement learning properties of learn best when observing at least 1,000 visits to your store per day (or 30,000 per month), this minimum is required before can be impactful.

Demo of Shopify App

Much More than Discounts

The Shopify Personalized Dicounts app is powered by the platform. is an artificial intelligence engine that can be used independent of the app to continously and automatically optimize any of your website KPIs and metrics. Read more about how to maximize ecommerce growth with and how to optimize metrics using

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About Scaled Inference

Scaled Inference improves conversion metrics for digital properties including ecommerce sites and apps through an AI-powered autonomous optimization platform called improves metrics at every stage of the funnel from acquisition to retention and conversion. is a contextual optimization engine accessible via API. It expands your A/B testing stack to provide automatic discovery of segments and to continously optimize winning variants. Scaled Inference makes AI accessible and useful for every business. Recently we released a Shopify app based on that personalizes discounts. It's a great way to get started with but don't stop there - can do so much more!