for Growth Teams is a machine learning-powered optimization platform that delivers the most relevant variant at every step of the customer journey to maximize conversion rates and growth.

Growth teams seek to remove friction for customers to drive up conversion rates. Whether the team is led by marketing, product or is cross-functional, the process is the same: hypothesize, ideate, design, test and deploy the best performing variant. delivers the best performing variant to each visitor automatically so your customer's experience is personalized, driving up conversions.

The Evolution of the Growth Stack

Growth teams rely heavily on A/B testing, analytics, and personalization tools to drive growth. While these solutions add incremental value, the gains eventually flatten and they fall short as a scalable and sustainable growth solution.

There are simply too many experiments and variables to manually discover, test, and optimize. Complexity and pace of change make it practically impossible to realize sustainable growth rates.

A new approach to optimizing growth is required and that's exactly what provides. is the next-generation growth optimization platform uses state-of-the-art machine learning to automatically determine the most relevant variant to show to each individual, so you can drive sustainable growth. No army of analysts required.


It was eye opening to see a major increase in our checkout rate and revenue within days of an initial implementation, especially after years of extensive A/B testing and optimization using other providers."

- Co-founder and CEO at Teespring makes growth teams more efficient and effective

You won't have to re-engineer your growth processes, but your team will be able to do more, faster and see better results with Learn more

Develop strategies and hypothesis

You will still develop growth hypothesis and strategies, but they will be more informed given the observations and insights uncovered and delivered by

Design and develop variants

You will still design and develop assets for variants, but you will have a better sense of what's needed for specific decision-points and whit is likely to perform. So, less time is spent on non-performing assets.

Analyze and optimize

You will still review and analyze segments and project performance, but observes, discovers and presents insights so you don't have to manually crunch through tons of data and reports hoping to uncover nuggets of gold. Plus, is constantly and automatically analyzing and optimizing for you.

Key features and benefits

Continuous optimization continuously and automatically updates your apps with optimized policies as it learns and becomes more precise. You can add or remove variants at any time, and will fold them in and automatically optimize their use.

Unlike A/B testing, which ends up showing just the "winning" variant to everyone, continues to show the most relevant variant based on the context. With you won't have the number of failed conversions or lost customers that occur during traditional A/B tests. Learn more in this white paper and this webinar.

Insights, visibility, and transparency uncovers valuable insights that probably wouldn't have been discovered. These insights can provide a deep understanding of your customer segments and behavior to help you develop better strategic and tactical growth initiatives. is not a "black box" machine learning solution. We make sure you know exactly what we're doing and why. has clear reporting, analysis, and insights on the segmentation and performance of all your optimization projects.

Shorter cycle-times to better results

With, growth teams can run more tests, variants, and ideas. machine learning takes over the manual processes that don't scale. You'll see faster and better results and be able to run exponentially more experiments.

GDPR compliant

As the manager of your customer data, Scaled Inference takes data privacy and security very seriously. We are currently GDPR compliant and ready to respond to you and your customer's privacy and data management requests. This blog post answers many common GDPR questions.

We're always here to help

Scaled Inference has helped several companies design and implement effective growth initiatives resulting in significant gains in business metrics. We will work with your team to design, implement and execute your growth strategies.

Easy to get started

Easy to integrate, set-up and use is relatively easy to set-up and use. Simply install our snippet either on the client or server-side and we start collecting data from your web or mobile app. Our REST API makes it easy to integrate into your apps across platforms-web and mobile. Learn more

App and website performance

We know people are less likely to convert if your app or website is slow, so we take performance very seriously. can take from 0ms to just 100ms depending on the implementation. Latency is 50-100ms with synchronous and 0ms with asynchronous. Download our ebook on integrating with

Integrate 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data collects session and event data "out-of-the-box" but can ingest data of any type from any source. partners with Nielsen and offers demographic data as part of our service. We can automatically integrate the Nielsen data with your customer data if you so choose.

More data will make the segments and insights more effective, valuable and precise, to ultimately increase relevancy and effectiveness.

Here is how we can work with you to get you started and growing with

Your growth team plus will deliver great experiences to drive scalable and sustainable growth.