Will Brain.FM Improve Your Productivity? Brain.FM Review and Discounts

People are busier than ever and distractions are everywhere. Employees, business owners, students, and others are looking for ways to improve concentration, reduce stress, and improve concentration. Brain.fm offers a creative solution, bringing you a constant supply of functional music to enhance focus. There are also programs to help you relax or go to sleep.  Brain.fm uses patented technology to alter the brain, helping you with any type of physical or mental activity. In this Brain.fm review, we’ll look at Brain.fm, how it works, how much it costs, and whether it’s an effective tool that can help you achieve better focus and well-being.

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What is Brain.fm?

Many people listen to music while they work. It’s tempting to listen to your favorite type of music to make the day go by faster or to help you focus. However, music can have many different effects on the brain. Some music might be enjoyable and stimulating but not ideal for all purposes. For example, if you’re listening to lyrics it may distract you from the task at hand.

Studies have shown that certain types of music are conducive to mental focus. Years ago, for example, researchers found that classical music can have a beneficial effect. Mozart, in particular, was touted as a good choice, along with other music categorized as Baroque. You may have heard of the Mozart Effect. However, early studies were limited and didn’t really isolate the sounds that were best for concentrating. The creators of Brain.fm have done an extensive research to identify music that’s specifically aimed at improving performance.

Brain.fm vs Typical Ambient or Relaxation Music

There’s no shortage of relaxation music these days. You can find such tracks on popular streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Amazon as well as YouTube and other videos. This type of music, however, can quickly get monotonous after a while. Anyone gets tired of hearing Muzak or elevator music for hours on end.

Unlike many commercially available streams of relaxation and meditation music, Brain.fm is made by human musicians, though they use AI tools as well. This assures that the music has warmth and distinction rather than just repeating sequences of notes generated by a computer. What makes Brain.fm music unique is the way it combines the talents of live musicians with patented AI technology.

Backed By Research and Science

One difference between Brain.fm and many other types of music used for similar purposes is that Brain.fm does thorough tests and research on its music. They partner with academic institutions to conduct tests to measure the effect of music on humans. This ensures that only the most effective music is added to the collection. 

It’s common nowadays for companies to say their products are backed by research and science. In many cases, these claims are flimsy at best. Brain.fm, however, actually practices what it preaches in this area. People often think of music as a mostly subjective experience. For example, you like some kinds of music, dislike others. However, when you’re using music to affect your mental and emotional state, there’s also a biological aspect. Music actually impacts the way your brain works. Anyone who is curious to explore the research can take a look at Brain.fm’s white papers

The white paper entitled Brain.fm Theory and Process discusses neural oscillations, which refer to the ongoing patterns of neural activity in the central nervous system. The type of patterns that occur will have a strong influence on your mood, ability to focus, and even on your memory and ability to learn new information. Brain.fm tests the effects of different sounds and types of music on neural oscillations to create the most desirable outcomes, which might be increasing alertness of helping listeners relax or go to sleep.

Another important white paper is EEG Analysis on Brain.fm (sleep). Many people have difficulty falling or staying asleep, which affects mood and energy levels throughout the day. While some music enhances focus, other types can help with sleep. Different levels of sleep are identified by corresponding brain waves, such as Delta and Theta. The slowest and deepest type of sleep is associated with slow oscillations (SO), which is the goal of Brain.fm sleep sessions.

Brain.fm vs Binaural Beats

If you’ve ever experimented with “brain music” or sound technology, you’ve probably come across binaural beats, which send a different signal to each ear (and to each of the brain’s two hemispheres). You can find many binaural beat programs on YouTube as well as all kinds of meditation music available on CDs and streaming.

As the creators of Brain.fm explain, however, there’s no scientific evidence that binaural beats are actually effective. Brain.fm uses a variety of techniques to boost focus and relaxation which, evidence suggests, is more powerful than binaural beats.

Pricing for Brain.fm

You can choose between a monthly and annual plan for Brain.fm. Both plans include unlimited access.



You can try Brain.fm for 3 days for free.

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Brain.fm: Value and Recommendation

Many people today are facing challenges such as the inability to focus, distractions, and having difficulty sleeping. Brain.fm is a tool that can help with all of these issues. There are several advantages to using Brain.fm for these and other purposes.

  • Get more done with less stress. When your mind is focused, you can operate more effectively and get more accomplished with less strain.
  • Listening to music while you’re doing other things (working, exercising, sleeping, etc.) doesn’t take any additional time. You simply slip on your headphones and listen.
  • You can choose different programs depending on your needs. If you want to increase alertness, relax, or go to sleep, you can choose the session that matches your goals.
  • You can enjoy many benefits of meditation without having to work at meditating. Of course, you can still meditate as well if you choose. However, simply by playing Brain.fm music, you can alter your brainwaves in a manner similar to advanced meditators.
  • Brain.fm has solid research to back its claims. The creators work with scientists and academic researchers to continually fine-tune the products.

If you have been looking for a way to boost your focus and productivity or are curious about Brain.fm, you can always sign up for their 3-day free trial.