Smart Copy Review – Create Landing Pages Content With AI

Creating content and copy is essential for building your online presence. It’s also a time-consuming task if you do it yourself and costly if you outsource it. Smart Copy, formerly Snazzy AI, is a text and copy generating tool, powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology,  that allows you to create, mix, and edit existing content from all over the internet. In this review, we’ll look at what you can do with Smart Copy, how much it costs, and whether it’s a tool that you should consider for your copywriting and content marketing needs.

What is Smart Copy?

Smart Copy is an AI-powered tool for writing and editing copy. It was previously released by a small startup as Snazzy AI. In 2021 however, the software was acquired by Unbounce, which offers a variety of marketing tools. Smart Copy actually works well with other Unbounce tools, but can be purchased as a standalone product.

Smart Copy makes it easy to quickly generate targeted content for any audience. You can expand content as well. For example, if you have a short social media post you want to turn into a larger blog post on the same topic, you simply plug it in and generate additional content. You can also remix old content to make it fresh.

By providing Smart Copy with information about your brand, it will help you generate content with the voice and tone that’s a match for your audience, helping you improve conversions. Rather than starting with a blank page, you can work with one of the many templates that match your needs. Simply tell Smart Copy what you need —fill in fields such as topic, language, tone, and length and get AI-generated content in minutes.

Choose Your Template

The style and tone of your content depend a great deal on your niche or industry. You have a choice of more than 30 templates, including:

  • Emails
  • Landing Pages
  • TikTok
  • Google/Facebook/Amazon/LinkedIn Ads
  • Ecommerce
  • Features
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Listicles
  • 404 Pages
  • Mission Statements

These and many other templates make it easier to create the right type of copy for any purpose. Now let’s explore the most important benefits of using Smart Copy.

Save Time and Money by Generating Copy Fast

Writing copy for marketing has traditionally been a time-consuming process. You can always outsource it, but this can be quite expensive. In addition, agencies and freelancers may not be familiar enough with your company to provide you with the tone and style appropriate for your brand and audience. Smart Copy lets you create customized and targeted content for any audience in minutes rather than hours or days. It makes it easier to handle your copywriting needs in-house, saving you money.

Edit, Expand, and Remix Your Content

Even when you create fresh content, you probably reuse quite a bit of material from older items. For example, when describing product updates, you need to rehash the basic features. Newer blog posts may contain updated information from older posts. Smart Copy makes it simple to reuse and remix existing content in a way that makes it fresh to both readers and search engines.

You can also repurpose content for different channels and platforms. You may want the same information in social media posts, emails, and long-form blog posts, but with different lengths and styles. Smart Copy lets you store details about your products and brand and generate targeted content in any format.

Flexible Features to Create Copy For Any Purpose

In addition to the numerous templates, Smart Copy has several very convenient features to help you create great copy quickly.

  • Generate content in 6 languages. In addition to English, you can create AI content in Spanich, French, German, Portuguese, and Dutch.
  • Chrome Extension — The free Chrome extension lets you use Smart Copy from any device.
  • Writer for long-form content. The Beta version of Writer (available with the paid plan) lets you create longer pieces without leaving the Smart Writer application.

Pricing and Plans for Smart Copy

You can start with a free plan or upgrade to their paid version. Here’s what you get with each:

  • Free/Starter: 5 copy generations per day, which includes any piece that you begin or edit. One profile, which is the information about you or your company that lets Smart Copy generate targeted content.
  • Growth: $49/month or $25/month billed annually. Unlimited generations and profiles. You also get access to the (Beta) Writer feature for creating long-form content within the application.

The Starter plan is useful for trying it out, but if you like it you’ll probably want to upgrade to the paid version so you can create unlimited copy.

Unbounce and Smart Copy

Smart Copy recently became part of Unbounce’s suite of products and services. It actually works well with many other Unbounce offerings. The main benefit is that it makes it simple to create high-converting landing pages customized for many purposes, such as:

  • Ecommerce
  • Social media
  • PPC ads
  • Lead generation
  • Agencies

Landing pages make a big difference in your results, whether you’re sending visitors there from paid ads or organic content. Unbounce also has tools to enhance your conversions, such as Smart Traffic, a way to get better-targeted traffic that can improve conversions up to 30%. Unbounce also has popups and sticky bars that help to boost conversions on any web page.

Although Smart Copy is part of Unbounce, you need to purchase separate subscriptions for each.

Smart Copy: Benefits and Recommendation

Smart Copy is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to be able to generate quality copy that’s targeted to your brand and your audience. Creating effective copy is fundamental to many areas of marketing such as email, social media, blogging, website content, ads, and more. Having a system at your fingertips that lets you generate great copy and make the most of your older content can make a big difference to your business. If you are looking for a better content creation and management solution, Smart Copy is worth trying. The Starter account will give you an introduction to the copywriting tools without any commitment.