Surfer SEO’s New AI Grow Flow (Free Premium for 30 Days)

Surfer SEO’s new freemium tool, Grow Flow, provides free users with one free batch of recommendations on how to improve their website.

However, to have the AI provide new recommendations every seven days, you need a premium Surfer SEO account.

Here’s how you get one for free for 30 days;

Sign up for the free SEO Writing Masterclass. One lesson before the last, you will find a link for a free 30 days trial. Well, not completely free; it’ll cost you $1.

So what is the AI Grow Flow tool, and how to use it?

First, you will need to allow Surfer to connect to your website’s Google Search Console.

After that, the Grow Flow AI will analyze the data and show you three types of tasks.

  1. Add missing keywords. Google is excellent at analyzing content, and it can rank your page for keywords you had no idea about. Surfer will identify those keywords for you to use their power to your advantage.
  2. Add internal links. Your domain changes as you add more content and create new subpages. Surfer will use the Google algorithm to identify opportunities for building contextual internal links.
  3. Write and publish an article. Surfer will automate building topical authority for your page based on identified content gaps and clustering methods.

These tasks’ purpose is to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Sounds simple? You can try Surfer for 30 days for just $1 after signing up for the class here and use the freemium Grow Flow for four weeks of recommendations.