Deliver Optimized Customer
Experiences at Scale is a machine learning-powered optimization platform.  It delivers the best-performing customer experience to drive company growth.

Widen your customer funnel
at every decision point

Increase conversions at every stage of your funnel automatically delivers an individualized customer experience with a continuously improving process. You will better entice your audiences to “add to cart,” “subscribe,” or “search,” by showing the variant best-suited for them--leading to higher conversion rates.

Stop leaving gains on the table

With A/B and multivariate tests, one variant wins - the average variant. The average does not fit all. The average leaves gains on the table. eliminates that waste by allowing you to serve the right variant to the right segment continuously at every decision point in your funnel.

How it Works ingests customer behavior, context, and demographic data. It unleashes state of the art machine-learning to determine the optimal content to deliver to each individual across touch-points. continuously learns and improves so you can drive growth at sustainable rates.

What You'll Enhance

Your customers' purchase cycle is becoming increasingly complex and experiencing ever-changing contexts. automatically indentifies the context properties that influence your customers' decisions--enabling you to continuously improve your customers' experiences and conversion rates.

Customer Experience Optimization
Serve optimal variants across the funnel.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Serve what's best to the right person, at the right time.
Discover contextual segments you didn't know existed and serve them tailored experiences.
Increase the efficacy of testing.
Reduce cancellation rates and attrition.

Continuously Deliver the Best Experience uses reinforcement learning to choose and deliver the most effective variant, based on the context at that moment, for a better overall customer experience and higher conversion rates. continues to optimize for as long as you like. No need to end a good thing! Fits Right In works across your web and mobile applications and integrates easily with your data sources. You can continue to run your existing growth and experimentation processes, but expect your growth results to improve across the board.

Integrates With
  • Internal data stores
  • 3rd party data feeds
  • Analytics platforms
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Server
Easy Implementation
  • Specify the decision point
  • Specify the metrics
  • Provide the variants
Session Features
  • Optimize multiple metrics per session
  • Supports cross-platform sessions

Why Growth Teams Love Us

We help growth teams move their metrics in two ways: by optimizing conversions and by delivering segment insights. With insights, the growth team can design better variants and drive even more growth in a never-ending virtuous cycle.

Why Product Teams Love Us
  • Maximize form submission rates
  • Minimize user frustration
  • Minimize cancellation rate
  • Maximize sign-up rate
  • Maximizing engagment (for retention)
  • Improve feature usage
Why Marketing Teams Love Us
  • Maximize return on ad spend
  • Maximize Add-To-Cart rate
  • Maximize gross merchandise volume
  • Maximize purchase rate
  • Maximize purchase amount
  • Maximize conversion rate
  • Boost organic traffic from search engines

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It was eye opening to see a major increase in our checkout revenue within days, especially after years of extensive A/B testing and optimization using other providers.”

–Walker Williams

CEO & Co-founder, Teespring

Effective optimization is crucial for success in the marketplace. We recommend to complement ASO and SEO efforts with improved on-boarding, engagement, retention, and monetization.”

–Aykut Karaalioglu

Founder & CEO, Mobile Action

Marketing is rapidly moving towards hyper-personalization. Scaled Inference’s AI capabilities take advantage of the many variant options available to automatically optimize experiences & metrics.”

–Steven Wong

CMO & Co-founder, ReadyState

The AI driven optimization capabilities of Scaled Inference allow us to personalize pHin’s customer experience, reducing steps required to give clients what they need.”

–Josh Kennedy

VP of Engineering, pHin