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Optimize key metrics for your apps or websites across all devices. Leverage AI to drive sustained quality improvements and growth. Pay only for results, not experiments, with the industry's first and only Performance Guarantee.

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Easy to set up, optimizes key metrics by matching the most relevant variation to each audience segment.


Faster starts learning within seconds and deploys learned improvements with impactful actions.

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Better, delivers 10x ROI as compared to leading A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing platforms.

How it Works works in two stages that are analogous to traditional Analytics and A/B testing, but focused on analyzing and optimizing contextual behavior and performance.


Analyze observes your events and properties to learn the key contexts (segments) that matter to you given your key metrics. Explore contextual performance metrics to help design new and better variations that enable even faster and better optimization.

amp.observe event + properties

In the morning at the office working on a Mac

At the beach on vacation

Running errands on personal time (bad connection)

Working at night while traveling in Sweden


Optimize uses machine learning to show the most relevant variation for each segment and results in guaranteed performance improvement that’s not at all possible in A/B testing due to its predefined segments.

action = amp.decide A, B, C ...

Improved website customer acquisition rate

user 1

Increased media engagement

user 2

Increased e-commerce conversion rate despite connection performance issues

user 3

Increased SaaS app engagement despite travel distractions

user 4

Get Started

Start optimizing in three easy steps.


Get Your Project Key

Create your project and connect your application to it using your project key.


Observe & Decide

Observe events and decide actions. Observe before decision for context, after decision for metrics. Reuse existing events and actions from existing Analytics and A/B Testing.


Start Optimization

Enable optimization of actions for metrics. immediately starts to learn and deploy contextual action policies to your software.

Don’t take our word. Metrics don’t lie. consistently delivers incredible ROI, typically ~10x that of A/B testing using the same variants, as proven rigorously across a wide range of use cases from some of the most sophisticated companies in the world.

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It was eye opening to see a major increase in our checkout revenue within days, especially after years of extensive A/B testing and optimization using other providers.”

–Walker Williams

CEO & Co-founder, Teespring

Effective optimization is crucial for success in the marketplace. We recommend to complement ASO and SEO efforts with improved on-boarding, engagement, retention, and monetization.”

–Aykut Karaalioglu

Founder & CEO, Mobile Action

Marketing is rapidly moving towards hyper-personalization. Scaled Inference’s AI capabilities take advantage of the many variant options available to automatically optimize experiences & metrics.”

–Steven Wong

CMO & Co-founder, ReadyState

The AI driven optimization capabilities of Scaled Inference allow us to personalize pHin’s customer experience, reducing steps required to give clients what they need.”

–Josh Kennedy

VP of Engineering, pHin

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