Hexowatch Review and Discounts

Hexowatch is an AI tool that makes it easy to monitor any website and track changes in its content, source code, or any other aspects you want to follow. If you try to monitor your own websites, competitors, or any site with the information you’re seeking, you know how time-consuming it can be. Hexowatch utilizes AI technology to automate the task, sending you notifications concerning websites you need to monitor.

What You Can Do with Hexowatch

Hexowatch is made by Hexact, which is running various AI tools, including Hexometer and Hexomatic. Hexowatch provides automated, comprehensive tracking for any website. Let’s look at the different types of information you can get with this innovative AI tool.

  • Visual Monitoring — Keep an eye on your own website to make sure everything looks as it should. You can also use this feature to track competitor websites for any changes. For example, you may want to know if someone introduces a new product or redesigns their site.
  • Monitor sites for HTML changes. This is useful for quickly spotting any hacks or unauthorized changes on your site. Hexowatch also provides monitoring for specific HTML elements. For example, you may want to be notified if a competitor makes a change to pricing or another feature.
  • Keyword Monitoring — Hexowatch also has value for your SEO strategy by letting you easily monitor keywords on your sites and those of competitors. Find out if certain keywords are present or absent on a site. This is a task that would be very difficult to perform manually.
  • Backlink Monitoring — Another SEO-related function that Hexowatch performs is backlink monitoring. Get notified when any backlinks are added, removed or modified.
  • Monitor Website Content — Want to know immediately when someone adds or edits content on their website? You can do this easily with Hexowatch.
  • Downtime Monitoring — If your website is down for even a few minutes, it can cost you money. If you sell anything on your site, you can lose sales. You can also lose potential leads and make people think you’re out of business. Hexowatch can inform you right away if a site or page is down.
  • Domain WHOIS Monitoring — It can be helpful to monitor domain ownership. Find out if a new competitor is buying a certain domain. Learn of any administrative changes that occur with a domain.
  • Sitemap Monitoring — You can monitor any website and identify any added, edited, or deleted pages by watching the sitemap.
  • API Monitoring — Monitor your own API endpoints or use this feature to monitor 3rd party API services that impact your site, such as apps, payment gateways, or integrations.

Customize Monitoring

Hexowatch lets you conveniently customize your preferences, so you get the information you need.

  • Choose how often to receive notifications, such as hourly, daily, or weekly.
  • How you want to be alerted. You can get notifications via email, Zapier, Slack, or Telegram.
  • Location. Monitor sites in the US, Europe, or Asia.
  • Sensitivity setting. You can choose to monitor any change or a certain percentage.
  • Monitor everything from the cloud. No need to download any software.

Plans and Pricing for Hexowatch

You can choose among several plans, including a free option. Here are some key features for each plan. Paid plans are billed annually.

  • Free: Includes 75 checks/month, check sites every 12 hours, monitoring visuals, content, HTML, elements, availability, keywords, API, backlinks, WHOIS data, sitemap checks 24 hours.
  • Standard: $12.49/month. 2000 checks/month, 30 minute checks, all features of free, sitemap monitor 12 hours.
  • Pro: $20.83/month. 4500 checks/month, 15 minute checks, 6 hour sitemap monitor, integrations.
  • Business: $41.66/month. 10,000 checks/month, 5 minute checks, 3 hour sitemap monitor.
  • Business Plus: 25,000 checks/month, all features of Business.

Hexowatch Discounts

Hexowatch offers discounts to non-profits and educational organizations.

Hexowatch had a lifetime deal offered on Appsumo, but that is no longer the case. If you’re looking for a deal, the best bet would be to with to a Black Friday/ Cyber Monday offer.

Benefits of Using Hexowatch

There are many reasons you may want to use Hexowatch. When you realize how much this AI tool can do, you may find uses that aren’t immediately apparent. Some possible use cases include:

  • Check your own website for errors. For those with large websites or multiple websites, it’s especially challenging to keep track of everything.
  • Monitor competitors. You may want to track the latest prices, features, and design of competitor websites. Doing this manually can take up hours of your time each week.
  • Track any website with vital information. You may need to keep track of prices or features of suppliers, partners, wholesalers, or anyone in your industry whose policies affect your business.
  • Monitor press mentions for your business, competitors, or industry websites.
  • Track opportunities in your market. If you’re in real estate, for example, you can monitor real estate sites and learn right away when a property that fits your needs becomes available.
  • Customer review alerts. Tracking reviews is a crucial aspect of brand and reputation management. For example, if someone posts a negative review, you may be able to resolve the issue if you can respond promptly. To do this, however, you need to be aware of reviews right away.
  • Track important information about leads, and important clients. Get updated when someone changes jobs or companies. This makes networking easier and more personalized.


Hexowatch is a service that fills a marketplace gap you may not even have considered. Most businesses can benefit by keeping track of their own as well as other websites. Doing this manually is not usually efficient, especially if you have many pages and sites to track. Using the latest AI technology, Hexowatch allows you to monitor various types of information and receive convenient notifications. This can save you hours of research.

Hexowatch can be a valuable addition to your online research. It can also help with certain SEO tasks, such as keywords and backlinks. If you spend any time tracking websites or know you could benefit by doing so, Hexowatch is worth considering. You can sample their service by signing up for a free plan. However, you may well find that their Standard, Pro, or Business plan saves you a great deal of time and provides you with a great deal of useful data.

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