Hexometer Review, Discount, Hexowatch Comparison

Your website plays a critical role in your business. It’s crucial to monitor your site and its pages to ensure it’s performing as it should. Hexometer is an AI-powered tool that lets you monitor many aspects of website health and get immediate notifications if there’s an issue you need to address. In this Hexometer review, we’ll be exploring the features, benefits, pricing and discounts of Hexometer. We’ll also compare it to Hexowatch, a product created by the same company that shares similar features.

What is Hexometer?

Hexometer is a tool that analyzes various on-site factors to measure the overall health of your website. Constant website monitoring helps you monitor factors that will help you keep visitors and convert them to customers. While some tools only focus on the homepage, Hexometer lets you track important issues throughout your website. Many types of users can benefit from the insights provided by Hexometer.

  • E-Commerce Sites — With e-commerce growing at a staggering rate, the space gets increasingly competitive. Research shows that most visitors only spend seconds on a site before leaving.
  • Business websites — A website for a local or national business needs to maintain consistent uptime and make sure its pages are accurate and functional or customers will visit the competition.
  • Blogs — When you have hundreds or even thousands of blog posts, it can difficult to keep track of how each page is working. You want to make sure visitors aren’t encountering errors, that pages are loading quickly, and that the site is secure.
  • Agencies — Hexometer is a valuable tool for agencies that need to monitor their clients’ websites. You can monitor all of your clients from one dashboard and get real time notifications and generate detailed reports regarding each website. Hexometer is a service that can help agencies provide reliable service to their clients and ensure everything is working optimally.

What Does Hexometer Track?

Here are some crucial website performance issues that you can track with Hexometer.

  • Uptime. You want to know right away if your site goes down as this can cost you sales.
  • Speed. Slow-loading pages are another culprit when it comes to losing customers. Get alerted when any of your pages is slow.
  • Page errors. Monitor broken links, missing pages, malfunctioning scripts, and other errors that affect the user experience.
  • Spelling and grammar. Get notified of errors in over 30 languages.
  • SEO factors. Hexometer also helps ensure your SEO is working properly, tracking title and meta tags, duplicate content, sitemap issues, robots.txt, and more.
  • Security threats. Websites are under constant threat of hacking and malware. These can cause downtime, put secure information at risk, and even get your site blacklisted by search engines. Hexometer performs frequent audits to spot potential security risks.

Hexometer Integrations

Hexometer integrates with over 1000 apps via Zapier, including:

  • Slack
  • Chrome
  • Telegram
  • Trello
  • Discord
  • WordPress
  • Gmail
  • Webhook
  • Google Sheets

Plans and Pricing for Hexometer

Hexometer has several pricing tiers, starting with a free plan. Paid plans are billed annually.

  • Free: Monitor one website, up to 3,000 pages, 5 minute uptime monitoring, one standard uptime monitoring, monthly UX checks and performance monitoring.
  • Standard: $10/month. 2 websites and up to 10,000 pages, Smart Crawl (prioritizes new or updated pages), one minute uptime monitoring, 5 standard uptime monitors, W3C & JS error checks, 50 spelling & grammar checks/month, multi-device UX checks, SEO monitoring, security monitoring, 10 SMS/month.
  • Advanced: $20/month. 3 websites and up to 25,000 pages, 10 standard uptime monitors, advanced monitors, 100 grammar & spelling checks/month, 30 SMS/month.
  • Guru: $40/month. 5 websites, up to 50,000 pages, 25 standard uptime monitors, 2 advanced monitors, 200 grammar & spelling checks/month, 200 in-depth performance checks, 50 SMS/month.

Hexometer Discounts

On the launch of Hexometer 2.0 the team offered 50% off on all plans on the following page https://hexometer.com/launch. While this offer seems to be unavailabe right now, the team regularly offers promotions and discount on major holidays and sales events (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year and etc.). We will make additional updates to this post as soon as the seasonal Hexometer discounts are released.

Hexometer vs Hexowatch

Hexometer and Hexowatch are both released by a company called Hexact, which also created the no-code AI-automation platform, Hexomatic. While Hexometer and Hexowatch have some overlap, they are really geared to two distinct purposes. Hexometer is primarily a tool to monitor and improve your website’s performance. It provides alerts with actionable insights to let you know if something needs addressing.

Hexowatch, on the other hand, lets you monitor websites owned by competitors, suppliers, and any other company you may want to track. You can also use Hexowatch to monitor your own websites and pages, but its focus is broader. Whereas the Hexometer plans let you monitor between one and five websites, which is suitable for business owners and agencies, Hexowatch lets you monitor a large number of websites for changes and updates. See our full Hexowatch review.

Depending on your needs and priorities, you may want to use Hexowatch, Hexometer, or both. As each service offers several plans, you might benefit from a higher or lower cost plan from each.


If you depend on your website to make sales, generate leads, and maintain your brand’s credibility, you need a reliable method to monitor your pages for issues such as uptime, UX, security, SEO, page loading speed, and more. Hexometer provides a convenient way to track many vital metrics that impact your website and business.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to monitor your website manually. If you have a large site or multiple sites, the task is even more daunting. Hexometer automates these tasks, letting you receive timely notifications and reports on major website factors.

We recommend Hexometer as a valuable AI tool for monitoring your website. If you want to test drive some of the features, you can sign up for the free plan, which lets you monitor one website and up to 3,000 pages. Hexometer can alert you of costly and damaging problems to your business if not quickly noticed and addressed.

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