Top 5 AI-Generated Voiceover Services In 2021

Content that requires the human voice, such as videos, podcasts, audio ads, and online courses, is getting more popular and more engaging than text or images alone. This presents businesses, content creators, and marketers with a challenge: finding voices for all this audio material. Artificial voices have been around for some time, but the results were not very impressive.

AI voiceover technology has been rapidly advancing, giving you the ability to create human-sounding voices for any purpose. This can be a powerful way to create more videos and audio presentations without having to do the voiceover yourself or hire someone else to speak for you. To give you an idea of what’s available, we’ll be looking at some of the top AI voiceover services to help you generate better audio content.

The Many Uses of AI Voiceovers

Voices make any content more compelling, letting you form a more personal connection with viewers or listeners. However, it’s not always practical or desirable to record your own voice. All that narrating and editing takes up time. Furthermore, many people don’t even like the sound of their own voice. You can always outsource voiceovers, but this gets expensive quickly if you release a great deal of content.

Until recently, the only other alternatives were robot voices that sounded like, well, robots. Many people don’t like to listen to these machine-like voices and will click away from your video when they hear it. Now, however, there are several high-quality AI services that deliver surprisingly realistic voices. They even give you a wide variety of choices, such as male and female, different tones, languages, and accents. You can use these services for any project that requires a voiceover, including:

  • Videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Animations
  • Courses
  • Games
  • Ads

Using AI voiceover technology can help you boost your output of content without having to worry about who’s going to provide the voice.

How Does AI Voiceover Technology Work?

Voiceovers are one of the most interesting and practical uses for AI technology. It works through a process known as voice cloning, where a computer can create a synthetic imitation of human voices. Text-to-speech (TTS) software has been around for a while. However, when it first came out, the voices did not sound human at all. With the latest advancements in deep learning and artificial intelligence, TTS is now almost indistinguishable from human voices.

There are now quite a few software products and services that provide access to high-quality TTS. In fact, in 2021, you have so many choices that you’ll need to do some research to identify the right one. What follows are 5 of the best AI voiceover services currently on the market.


Lovo Studios has one of the most advanced and versatile voiceover services. They also have a free plan that makes it easy to try their service and create several recordings per month. The Lovo website provides examples of voiceovers done with their service.

  • Choose from over 180 voices in 33 languages.
  • Simple type and convert interface.
  • Edit and fine-tune. You can change the emphasis on words and add pauses for greater realism and to match your tone.
  • Audiobook production services. Lovo lets authors publish audiobooks for free using a revenue-sharing model.

Pricing for Lovo

  • Free: Unlimited conversions, listening, and sharing. 3 downloads per month. 3-day access to premium voices. Personal use only. Note: the following plans are listed as a 50% discount price.
  • Personal: $24.99/month or $17.49/month paid annually. Unlimited access to all voices, commercial rights, add background music, convert up to 15,000 characters per download, 30 downloads per month.
  • Freelancer: $74.99/month or $49.99/month paid annually. Everything in Personal, 100 downloads per month.
  • Custom Voices: $999 per voice. Do you want your own unique voice for your brand? Lovo offers a custom voice service, which is done by cloning your voice. You can also use anyone else’s voice (provided you have the proper license/permission). You’ll then have your own branded voice to use permanently.

Lovo also offers a voiceover API that lets companies use voiceovers with their own products. This is a good option for anyone who needs a high volume of voiceovers. If you release many videos, e-courses, or audiobooks, you can have unlimited access to all Lovo features. You can also build tools such as chatbots and apps using Lovo technology. A monthly subscription starts at $100/month, though they currently offer a 55% discount. provides a range of AI-based services. You can create voiceovers and visuals such as banners, logos, mockups, and other promotional items. markets itself as an agency-as-a-service platform, meaning that you get access to agency-like features without having to pay agency fees.

  • Videomaker. Text-to-video technology lets you turn scripts, blog posts, articles, or any written content into videos. Access to 50 voices, 500K audio files, 150 million images with animations, transitions, and other effects.
  • Speechmaker. Turn any text into speech with multiple voices in more than 15 languages.
  • Logomaker. Quickly design logos for any purpose. Generate thousands of logos in seconds, making it efficient for designers and agencies.
  • Designmaker. Input text and choose a design template to get an AI-generated design for any project. Choose from 20,000 templates.
  • Mockup Maker. For creating digital or physical products, including t-shirts and other apparel. Choose from thousands of customizable mockups.

Pricing for

  • Free: You can use a limited number of features for free, forever. Includes limited Logomaker, Speechmaker, and design tools.
  • Basic: $49/month or $39/month billed annually. 1 user, 10 premium images per month, unlimited video downloads, access to 10 million premium Getty Images videos, unlimited Designmaker features, $5,000 liability coverage. more.
  • Pro: $99/month or $79/month billed annually. 5 users, 20 images per month,10 Getty Image videos per month, premium AI text-to-speech voiceovers in 20 languages, export storyboards as PDF files, more.
  • Enterprise: Customized pricing. Up to 15 users, 200 images/month, 100 Getty Image videos, enterprise level support, team product training, enterprise license, $25,000 liability coverage.

Murf is another leading service for AI-generated voiceovers. It provides realistic voices for videos and any type of audio presentation.

  • Edit voiceovers as easily as text.
  • In addition to creating voice out of text, you can create text from voice.
  • Highly realistic AI voices. The system is also designed to time voices with other elements, such as visuals, easily.
  • Edit and customize voiceovers. Change factors such as pitch and narration speed. Add pauses.
  • Enhance videos with your own images, music, recorded audio, or video clips.
  • No need for any audio equipment. Everything you need is included with the online studio.
  • Good selection of resources to help you create high-quality voiceovers.

Pricing for

  • Free: 10 minutes of transcription and voice generation. Sample all 100 voices. No downloads.
  • Basic: $13/ month. For a single user. Unlimited downloads, 24 hours of voice generation per year. Access 60 voices in 10 languages, commercial usage.
  • Pro: $26/month. Up to 3 users. 96 hours of voice generation and 48 hours of transcription per year, access 100 voices in 15 languages, recorded voice editing.
  • Enterprise: Starting at $69/month. Custom number of users, voice generation and transcription time, collaboration features, account manager, SSO. features realistic AI text-to-speech voices for both personal and business purposes.

  • Over 570 AI voices.
  • Multi-voice feature. Incorporate more than one voice in a single sentence.
  • Fine-tune voice inflections. Edit the pitch, pauses, and emphasis to suit your purposes.
  • Convert written articles to audio with one click.
  • Distribute your podcasts to Spotify and iTunes with automated RSS feeds.
  • WordPress plugin automatically converts blog posts to podcasts.

Pricing for

  • Starter: $90/year. Includes 120.000 words, premium voices, commercial usage, multi-voice feature, embedded audio players, unlimited previews, and downloads.
  • Growth: $240/year. For small teams and businesses. 360,000 words, white-label audio players, audio analytics, email lead generation.
  • Business: $640/year. For larger businesses and agencies. 1,200,000 words, supports multiple websites, multiple podcast hosting, rebrand and resell, bulk audio creation, 24/7 support.
  • Pricing by the word. A good option if you don’t want to commit to regular membership. Access standard voices, unlimited previews and downloads. One-time pricing such as $37 for 50,000 words and $60 for 100,000 words. Cost per word lowers the more you buy.


Notevibes is a simple online text-to-voice converter that offers MP3 downloads for 201 realistic voices.

  • A wide choice of male and female voices in 18 languages.
  • Change speed and pitch, add pauses.
  • Save files in MP3 or Wav format.
  • With a commercial plan, you can use voices for ads, promotional videos, online courses, and more. You retain commercial rights even if your subscription expires.
  • Add background music.

Pricing for Notevibes

Notevibes has two plans. Pricing is based on packs of characters, as in the characters used in a text.

  • Personal Pack: $9/month or $7/ month billed annually. Only for personal use. 201 premium voices available in 18 languages, 1,200,000 characters pack per year, MP3 downloads.
  • Commercial Pack: $90/month or $70/month billed annually. Commercial use, 12,000,000 character pack per year, team license, WAV downloads, obtain commercial property rights for all files.

You can also purchase additional character packs if you run out of characters with your plan (only for personal use).

Comparing AI Voiceover Services

Looking at the different plans, pricing, and features of the above services can be confusing. In some ways, they offer similar services, but there are differences in both features and prices. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to find the best service.

  • Listen to the voices on several sites. All of them have quality AI-generated voices. However, some may be more suitable for your needs than others. You can sample voices, either directly from the website or by signing up for a free trial when offered.
  • How large a selection of voices do they offer? You may care about the quantity and the quality of the voices if you create lots of diverse content., for example, has over 500 voices to choose from.
  • What types of voices do they have? You may need a certain style or inflection or voices in a certain language. Custom voice. Lovo offers this distinctive service if you need one or more personal, branded voices.
  • Do you need other AI-generated services? Most of the above offer only voiceover services. However, if you want a plan that adds visual services such as logos, mockups, and designs, the best choice for you might be
  • Cost. You need to consider your budget when comparing services. If you’re on a budget, you may want to try a service with a long-term free plan such as Lovo. Murf offers a paid plan for $13/month if you don’t need to convert large amounts of text into speech. On the other hand, if you need a high-volume plan or need to provide access for multiple team members, you should look at the larger plans.
  • Commercial rights. If you need voiceovers for business purposes, be sure to choose a plan that includes commercial rights.

These are some key points to consider when researching voiceover services. Think about the quantity of work you really need, so you don’t pay for services you won’t be using. Most importantly, make sure the quality of the voices is ideal for your brand or product.

Voiceover Technology Can Boost Your Output, Productivity, and Profits

Audio content in videos, podcasts, online courses, and other content is getting more popular all the time. Until now, it’s been difficult to find AI-generated voices that are realistic and natural sounding. With the latest advances in machine learning and AI, however, you now have many more options.

Using AI voice technology can help you in many ways. It allows you to create more content in less time without hiring a voiceover specialist for every project. It can help you reach more people with engaging voices that match your brand’s tone and style.

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