Happy Scribe Review and 25% Discount

Happy Scribe offers transcription and subtitle services powered by both AI and humans. Getting audio content transcribed or inserting subtitles into your videos helps you build a wider audience. It can also boost your SEO. In this Happy Scribe review, we’ll look at what Happy Scribe offers, provide Happy Scribe discounts if available, and help you decide if it’s a service worth using.

Transcription Services

Audio and video transcription is helpful for many purposes. You may want to have a written record of a speech, lecture, or meeting. You can get more mileage out of videos by turning them into articles and blog posts. The challenge is to find transcription services that are accurate, reliable, and affordable. Happy Scribe offers two options.

AI Software

The most economical choice is to have transcriptions done by AI-powered software. Artificial intelligence has come a long way in recent years. Happy Scribe uses fast and accurate AI to transcribe your audio.

  • Upload your files or URLs, which can be pulled from your website, YouTube, or anywhere they are posted.
  • Transcribe audio from more than 120 languages.
  • Accuracy is 85%.
  • Turnaround within minutes.
  • Cost is 20 cents per minute.

Human-Made Transcription

If you want fast and economical transcription, Happy Scribe’s AI services are a good choice. However, for some jobs, you may want more accurate, human-powered transcription. The process is basically the same as it is for AI. The only difference is that you choose the “Human” option as you share your file or URL. With human-made transcription, you get:

  • Guaranteed 99% accuracy.
  • Turnaround within 24 hours.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Cost is $1.95 per minute.

AI vs. Human Transcription

Which service is right for you? There’s a big difference in the price, of course. For certain projects, you may want to transcribe content as cheaply as possible. If you’re concerned about accuracy, you can always proofread it. Happy Scribe’s human transcription is a trustworthy option if you need highly accurate results. Features you get with both AI and human-made transcription include:

  • No limit on uploads.
  • Supports multiple file types, including TXT and DOC.
  • Convenient API and integrations such as YouTube and Zapier.
  • Collaboration tools to share files with your team.
  • Secure and confidential.

Benefits of Transcription

If you haven’t used transcription services before, it’s worth considering how they can be helpful for individuals and businesses.

  • Transcribe information for future study. You might record a lecture and want to have notes to look at later.
  • Record meetings. It’s good to have written transcriptions of important meetings. In some cases, these can be of legal importance.
  • Recording interviews. If you interview someone, you may want to create a written document such as an article or book.
  • Turn videos into written content. Videos can be turned into blog posts, e-books, and other written material.

Transcription is an important service if you want to develop a multichannel marketing strategy. It helps you get more out of all your content by making it available in multiple formats.

Subtitle Service

Subtitles are another valuable service offered by Happy Scribe. As with transcription, you can choose between AI and human services. Automatic subtitles use state-of-the-art AI with 85% accuracy and a 5-minute turnaround. The cost is 20 cents per minute.

You can choose from over 120 languages. Human-made subtitles, which offer 99% accuracy and 24-hour turnaround, can be ordered for $1.95 per minute. Features that come with both AI and human-made subtitles include:

  • You can choose to download the video with subtitles burned in or format and hardcode the subtitles to match your brand.
  • Automatic translation. To reach a wider audience, you can translate subtitles into multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, German, and many others.
  • Upload files of any size or length.
  • Many APIs and integrations, including Zapier and YouTube.
  • All files are secure and protected.
  • You can export your files in several formats, including SRT, VTT, Final Cut Pro, AVID, STL, and more.

Benefits of Subtitles

There are many ways that transcription and subtitle services can help you build your business or personal brand.

  • Subtitles make your videos accessible to the hearing impaired.
  • Subtitles make it easier for anyone to follow videos in a loud or distracting environment.
  • Improve your SEO. Search engines can crawl the keywords in your subtitles.
  • Make your videos accessible to people who speak different languages.

Happy Scribe Discounts

At this time, Happy Scribe offers a 25% discount to all students. See additional details and a discount claim form here.

Happy Scribe For Business

All Happy Scribe services can be used for business. However, they also offer enterprise services for companies with higher volumes of work.

  • Volume discounts.
  • Team management services.
  • Analytics lets you track spending for each project and user.
  • Monthly invoicing.

Value and Recommendation

Happy Scribe’s transcription and subtitle services can help you grow your business, boost your marketing, and get more engagement for your videos. It can also help with more personalized projects such as creating study notes or writing a book or article.

You don’t need to use Happy Scribe to obtain transcriptions or subtitles, of course. However, many of the alternatives are difficult or costly. If you ever tried to transcribe an audio or video yourself, you know how difficult it can be and how long it takes.

You can also outsource it by finding freelancers on various sites. However, it’s always a bit of a risk working with new people. You’ll find that people who advertise their services have widely varying experience and charge a wide range of prices. In some cases, you may be dealing with language barriers. A site such as Happy Scribe gives you a consistent place to go for these services. All the transcribers have been vetted, so there’s little risk on your part.

What makes Happy Scribe convenient is that you don’t have to join and pay a monthly or annual fee. It’s a strictly on-demand service, so you only pay for the work you need. You use it as often as you wish and never pay for unused services.

The choice between AI and human services makes it convenient to stay within your budget. You can use AI for more casual projects and the human-made option when you need very accurate results. Happy Scribe has built a solid reputation and is used internationally by individual users, small businesses, and large companies. Because it’s an on-demand service, there’s no free trial. However, you can quickly test the service by using it on a small scale.

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