CopyAI Review and a Special Discount

For many businesses, creating quality content is an ongoing challenge. Blog posts, ads, press releases, social media posts, e-commerce listings, and more all take time to produce and are expensive to constantly outsource. CopyAI is a tool that helps to automate the copywriting process so you can generate many types of content in seconds. This CopyAI review will look at the features, benefits, drawbacks, and pricing for CopyAI. We also have an exclusive CopyAI discount for our readers who want to try out CopyAI.

CopyAI: Incorporating the latest GPT-3 Technology

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming many industries. When it comes to online businesses and content marketing, AI is helping to automate many tasks. Chatbots are one example of a tool that can, at least partly, replace live human interaction. Until recently, however, AI was quite limited when it came to actually creating content from scratch. Now, however, GPT-3 is here.

GPT-3, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is the creation of OpenAI, a nonprofit started by Elon Musk. It’s the latest version of a deep learning application that generates increasingly human-like text. OpenAI has been very cautious about releasing GPT-3, citing concerns about dangers such as fake news and scams. However, they have released beta applications to a limited number of companies, including CopyAI.

While many online products boast of having the latest cutting-edge technology, CopyAI can back this claim, as GPT-3 is actually a highly advanced AI that has proven it can create quality, natural-sounding text.

The long-term outlook for GPT-3 is quite ambitious. There’s already talk that this is the first AI that can actually pass the Turing Test, meaning it can fool humans into thinking they’re talking to another human rather than a machine. CopyAI is designed as a tool to help you brainstorm many copywriting tasks rather than creating all your content from scratch. In other words, it’s not going to do all the work for you, but it can save you a great deal of time and help you come up with lots of ideas.

What You Can Do With CopyAI

CopyAI can be used for a variety of writing and marketing tasks. To use it, you choose the type of copy you want and fill in details such as your product or business name and a description. You can choose from these types of copy:

  • Ad Copy — Create digital ads for Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. It’s beneficial to create ads fast, especially if you have many products, such as for an e-commerce site or affiliate marketing.
  • Social Media Content — Brainstorm Facebook, Instagram, and other content for social media. This tool allows you to create posts and Stories on any topic quickly.
  • Blog Content — You can spend a long time writing a single blog post. CopyAI can make the process much faster. Get ideas for titles, bullet lists, and blog intros.
  • Product Descriptions — Create copy for e-commerce and other products. Summarize product features and benefits.
  • Sales Copy — For landing pages, sales letters, or to read out loud in videos.
  • Website Copy — Make your web content better optimized for both humans and search engines. Generate hero text (for the top of the page), subheaders, meta descriptions, and more.

Pros and Cons of CopyAI

CopyAI is a tool that can be used for all content creation tasks. It’s not a 100% “done for you” solution in that you need to come up with prompts, and you may need to fill in content and make edits. However, the suggestions go a long way in helping you create the foundation for any content.

CopyAI Pros

  • Overcome writer’s block. With CopyAI, you can avoid the familiar feeling of staring at a blank screen not knowing how to get started. You can instantly generate ideas in seconds.
  • Boost the output of your content marketing. By using CopyAI, you can create more social media posts, ads, blogs, and other content in a fraction of the time.
  • Create more diverse content. It’s easy to get into a rut, getting inspiration from the same sources all the time. CopyAI can provide you with fresh ideas.
  • Allows you to choose different tones to match the style of writing for your brand. You can choose between friendly, witty, persuasive, and others.
  • Pricing is set up so that you can use the tool for unlimited content.

CopyAI Cons

The only potential drawback to CopyAI is that some users may depend too much on it without customizing the results. As sophisticated as AI technology is, results will still need to be edited to suit your own purposes. All information may not be accurate or timely. Like any tool, it’s designed to save time and make life easier but can’t do all the work for you.

Pricing for CopyAI

CopyAI offers a free trial, as well as paid plans.

  • Free Trial — 100 runs per day, 24/7 support. Although there’s no permanent free plan, a week of usage gives you a chance to sample the features and create lots of content.
  • Solo — $49/month or $420 annually ($35/month). Unlimited runs, access to all tools and community. For a limited time, two free seats for small teams.
  • Custom for Multiple Seats — For larger teams, arrange for a custom quote based on your needs.

The pricing for CopyAI is quite straightforward. If you sign up for the Solo plan, you have access to all features. The only choice is whether to choose the solo plan or a custom plan.

CopyAI Discount

Get a free CopyAI trial via our exclusive link here, and in case you decide to upgrade within 4 days, you will enjoy a 40% off discount for a whole year.

Who Can Benefit From CopyAI?

Who can use CopyAI? The short answer is anyone who is looking for help with content creation. Some examples:

  • Copywriters — Anyone who writes copy for the internet, such as sales pages, ads, and other content designed to persuade and sell.
  • Agencies — An agency can use CopyAI to generate content for its clients.
  • E-commerce sites — Anyone who needs to create ads, product descriptions, or web copy for online stores.
  • Affiliate Marketers — CopyAI lets you plug in a product name and description to generate relevant copy for any product. Those who promote multiple products can save time and create ads, web pages, and outlines for blog posts and product reviews.

Access the Latest AI Now With CopyAI

While the benefits of AI are covered widely, at this time, it’s not easy for the average person to gain access to the most advanced tools. GPT-3 technology is still tightly controlled. If you wanted to gain access to your own API from OpenAI, you would have to get on a waiting list. You’d also need a certain level of technical expertise to utilize the technology.

CopyAI is one of the few commercially available tools that you can use right now that incorporates the best of GPT-3. Although it uses the very latest in machine learning and AI, it’s designed to be user-friendly, and anyone can use the features right out of the box. You type in the type of content you need. It’s easy to sign up for a free trial of CopyAI, experiment with it, and create several types of content. It may very well become one of your favorite marketing and productivity tools.

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